About Us

Inspire One Group is a nonprofit organization developed to advocate for the creation and maintenance of inclusive community building programming. Through collaboration, advocacy, and empowerment, the purpose of Inspire One is to emphasize positive community engagement. Through the continuous development of positive community programs, it is intended that a sense of community commitment and pride is expanded. It is envisioned that Inspire One will address the needs of our local community, while also aiming to “inspire one” to further lead their community in the future.

The vision of the “Organization” is to introduce members of the local community to available opportunities, while additionally encouraging individuals to further create their own opportunities in the future. Through purposeful initiatives, and proposed educational designs, the goal is to enhance, empower, educate, and engage the local community.

In addition, Inspire One Group is a major innovative media and communication group seeking to provide the community with access to various forms and vehicles of communication to express their opportunities and concerns within the community.