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Being retired for almost four years after 34 years working for our local school system. I was left answering the question, what am I going to do when I grow up? I have always loved doing crafts, rubber stamping, soap making, card making, etc., but I became intrigued…

Premier Product

Memory Pillow

Our Premier Product for July are Memory Pillows. Velda’s Creative Designs understand that the loss of a loved one can be emotionally straining and burdensome. Although nothing can replace the presence of a loved one, try ordering one of our Memory Pillows to help bring comfort to a loved one in their time of loneliness and separation. The pillows contains an image of your loved one, name, birthdate and death date and your choice of 3 different images.

Featured Product

Jun 6th – Aug 19

“Eye Matter” Statement for Change. Velda’s Designs will be selling this unique line of Social Conscious apparel along with the traditional Black Lives Matter wear. A portion of the sale of Black Lives Matter and Eye Matter products will be given to an organization to help fight against Systemic Racism and the injustice felt by people due to color, gender, sexuality, and economic distress. Products with these unique thought provoking messages can be placed on mugs, t-shirts, masks and other products. For more information or to purchase please contact

Veda’s Creative Designs

Black Lives Matter 1 T-Shirt

Item#: TSU005

Black Lives Fist T-Shirt

Item#: TSU004

Black King T-Shirt

Item#: TSU001

Best Dad Fish T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD011

Father’s Day Collage T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD001

World’s Greatest Dad T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD004

Husband Father King T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD003

Father Husband Grandpa T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD007

Lion Dad T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD010

Pop Pop Legend T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD009

Pop Pop The Veteran T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD002

Reel Cool Dad T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD006

Fathor T-Shirt

Item#: TSFD005

Women’s Faith T-Shirt

Item#: TSR005

With God T-Shirt

Item#: TSR006

Women’s Rooted In Christ T-Shirt

Item#: TSR004

Women’s Faith Over Fear T-Shirt

Item#: TSR002

Men’s Faith T-Shirt

Item#: TSR001

Women’s But First Pray T-Shirt

Item#: TSR007

Women’s Be Still and Know T-Shirt

Item#: TSR008

Best Dad Hunting Mug 

Item#: MFD005

Father’s Day Collage Mug

Item#: MFD004

Baltimore Ravens Mug

Item#: MNFL001

Washington Redskins Mug

Item#: MNFL005

New Orleans Saints Mug

Item#: MNFL004

Father Husband Grandpa Lumbar Pillow

Item#: PFD001

Pittsburgh Steelers Pillow

Item#: PNFL005

Baltimore Ravens Pillow

Item#: PNFL001

Philadelphia Eagles Pillow

Item#: PNFL002

San Francisco 49ers Pillow

Item#: PNFL003

4pc BBQ Cutlery Gift Set

Item#: GFT003

6pc Wine and Cheese Set

Item#: GFT001

Wine/Olive Oil Gift Box

Item#: GFT002

Round Cutting Board

Item#: GFT004

NFL Round Cutting Board

Item#: GFT005

Wine/Olive Oil Gift Box

Item#: GFT009

4pc BBQ Cutlery Gift Set

Item#: GFT010

Proud Black Father T-Shirt

Item#: Tsu003

Essential Father T-Shirt

Item#: TSU002