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Many of the writers for the magazine have experienced many of the topics discussed in the publication. They are writing based on research and experience. If for any reason you may find a topic and don’t agree come send a message so we can begin an open discussion about various topics. The only way to get clear understanding is to have that difficult conversation about a topic that is sensitive to many.Thank you for your interest in Inspire One Magazine and we look forward to your feedback to our publication.

Jan – Feb Issue

Read about the State of Black America. Understanding the perils of Divorce. Smiling through Darkness and how to deal with Mental Health in the black community.

Mar – Apr Issue

The Women’s Issue. Read about Cancer of the Heart and how one Eastern Shore native was cured twice of Cancer. Learn about the Women Leaders of the Shore.

May – Jun Issue

Super Father’s Issue, celebrating those Super Fathers and the great job they do as they care for their children. Men read about health issues and the process to become healthier.

Sept-Oct Issue

Learn about the consequences of an Integrated society. Was that the best move for the black community or should we have stayed segregated but equal?