China Covid Spike

While the world seems to have returned to normal after relaxing COVID-19 restrictions, it appears that the country responsible for its outbreak will be enforcing more of them. With 432 new cases reported on Thanksgiving in Beijing alone, the country has seen as many as 32,000 new cases in the past week.

Beijing, the nation’s capital, saw its resources quickly deplete as citizens rushed to grab groceries and other essentials before an impending lockdown. Unfortunately, many retailers and online services are too understaffed to fulfill demands. In addition to panic shopping, residents are faced with orders not to leave their homes while city officials- donned in hazmat suits- do routine checks on anyone entering or leaving certain areas.

Schools and businesses have been shut down until further notice in an attempt to deter transmission of the virus that has ended the life of more than 6 million people around the world. The government has also swiftly placed testing and quarantine centers in each of its cities to stop the spread of COVID. Many of these images are reminiscent of the beginning of the pandemic- and with the world collectively lifting travel requirements, one must wonder whether or not we are prepared for another strain to spread.

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