No Laughing Matter!

Comedians possess quite a few different skills: compelling storytelling abilities, making connections between life events, and improvisation. Speaking for an extended period of time can elicit boredom unless the speaker meaningfully engages their audiences in a creative way. When performers fail to do so, they’re met with anything from bellowing boos to projectile tomatoes. Veteran comedian Dave Chapelle was reminded of this during a recent set in San Francisco.

Chapelle, 49, welcomed the controversial Elon Musk on stage, referring to him as “the richest man in the world.” The audience held nothing back as they booed the TeslaX CEO off the stage. While Chapelle attempted to give the CEO the floor, Musk ultimately did not get many words in. 

Elon’s appearance at Chapelle’s standup show follows a media storm consisting of lawsuits from disgruntled Twitter employees, divisive statements regarding use of pronouns, the spread of QAnon conspiracy theories, and an attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s COVID response. 

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