Wes Moore Victory – 1st Black Governor of MD

Wes Moore made history after winning the Maryland gubernatorial race in this year’s midterm elections. Moore became the first black citizen to elected as governor in the state’s history- as well as being the third black governor in United State’s history. He defeated Republican candidate Dan Cox, earning the votes or more than 1 million Marylanders.

The Rhodes scholar graduated from Johns Hopkins University and Wolfson College respectively, studying International Relations and Economics. He is the author of multiple New York Times Bestsellers, most notably The Other Wes Moore. His background in media includes appearances on syndicated television shows and producing educational programming that shines a light on a variety of issues surrounding underserved communities.

Moore is also a United States veteran that served a combat deployment in Afghanistan- making him the first veteran in 36 years to hold this office. His activism includes his appointment as CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation whose mission is to alleviate poverty in New York City. Moore launched his own philanthropic organization, BridgeEdu, to create a smoother transition for first year college students.

Staying true to his track record, Moore’s focus will be targeted towards supporting and improving the loves of future generations. During his first press conference since his victory, he shared this ambition:

“The reason that we are here is because it was young people who saw this campaign and who saw us before anybody else did, We are going to make sure that the voices of young people are going to be heard.”

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