Blacks at Ivy League Schools

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education has been collecting data surrounding black students’ enrollment at the nation’s top ranked universities for 29 years. While many schools have rescinded participation in the ongoing study, the organization has continued to share its findings. Its most recent survey discovered that ivy league schools as a whole have been doing a better job at diversifying their student bodies.

In 2004 there weren’t any ivy league universities with a student population of more than 12% black students- and only two schools had more than a 10% black student population. This past year has seen a tremendous growth of 14 schools that have at least a 12% black population as compared to 2004.

The Class of 2025, however, is looking to keep that upward trend going. Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and Vanderbilt University are leading the top-ranked schools in black enrollment with 264(17.5%), 205(15.5%), and 235(14.5%) students at each institution respectively.

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