New York Mandate on Homeless

A plan proposed by New York City Mayor Eric Adams is causing uproar amongst the state’s constituents. Earlier this week Adams issued a directive that would mandate law enforcement officials and mental health professionals to involuntarily hospitalize homeless people that exhibit signs of psychiatric distress. The mayor shared his intentions with New Yorkers during his latest press conference:

“As a city, we have a moral obligation to support our fellow New Yorkers and stop the decades-long practice of turning a blind eye towards those suffering from severe mental illness, especially those who pose a risk of harm to themselves. It is not acceptable for us to see someone who clearly needs help and walk past them. For too long, there has been a gray area where policy, law, and accountability have been unclear, and this has allowed people in desperate need to slip through the cracks.”

Adams has previously been under fire for his role in criminalizing vagrancy and allocating funds away from the fight for housing security. Despite the criticism, the mayor maintains that his directive will improve the well-beings of those who need care the most:

“This culture of uncertainty has led to untold suffering and deep frustration, but we cannot and will not allow it to continue. Today, we are making a clear statement to our fellow New Yorkers that, by leading with compassion and care, we can do much more to help those among us in a severe mental health crisis, even when they are unable to, by no fault of their own, recognize their own needs.”

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